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Repair Gallery

Feb 09
  • Year of construction 1936

  • The Martin Archtop F7 looked like this at the beginning.

  • The neck is removed

  • The top is removed

  • Inside ...

  • A new flat top was build

  • The top is glued + varnished

  • ... in sunburst + nitro lacquer

  • with new "vintage bridge"

  • Artificial aged finish

  • to keep the "vintage touch", ...

  • ....the bindings are also colored

From Jazz Guitar to Steelstring

A customer wants his Archtop Martin guitar convert into a Flattop Steel-String guitar. Here are the individual steps.
Feb 09
  • Gibson Guitar with heavy topcrack

  • The braces are loose

  • Sketching of the destroyed area

  • Routing of the damaged area

  • new braces for the top

  • Reglueing of the braces

  • Fitting the part

  • Glueing the part

  • Stripping the old finish

  • The top is ready for the finish

  • The first layer is a transparent laquer

  • The sunburst ....

  • The last layer before polishing

  • Reglueing of the bridge

  • Looks fine

Heavy damaged Top

A Gibson Acoustic Guitar with a haevy top damage.
Sep 24
  • The sides are ....

  • ..broken in different small pieces

  • The cracks are glued and fixed with strong magnets

  • The sides are stabilized by small spruce braces

  • The small mahogany pieces are fixed ...

  • ...like a puzzle

  • The destroyed area is sanded ...

  • ... retouched and ....

  • .... got a finish

Destroyed Sides of a Martin Guitar

that was a real mess ..... but we could help
Sep 24
Sep 17